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In 2005 I was asked to write three tutorials on specific ways of using AfterEffects and finally they are available on my site as well.

AfterEffects Tutotial 1
:: CutOut Animation ::
a short tutorial on how to link objects and create a character rig in aftereffects

AfterEffects Tutotial 2
:: Masking Techniques ::
a short tutorial on how to create fire birds using masks in aftereffects

AfterEffects Tutotial 3
:: MultiPlane 3D Simulation ::
a short tutorial how to use 3d layers and camera in aftereffects to simulate volume

Electric Dog
:: Flash Animation Power Tools ::
knowledge base, tutorials, plugin extensions and shortcuts for flash character animation
For a lot of advanced Flash animation knowledge, tools and tips & tricks, please, visit the Electric Dog Flash Animation Power Tools site - our latest and most ambitious project to date. EDAP Tools is a free and open source extensions package for Flash which addresses some of the most severe deficiencies of the program when used as an environment for professional character animation.